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!(WATCH@FREE)! Los Angeles Lakers vs Phoenix Suns LIVE Free Broadcast ON Tv Channel 26.10.2023

The Phoenix Suns, led by Devin Booker, face the Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, in a NBA regular season game on Thursday, Oct.26, 2023 (10/26/23) at Arena in Los Angeles, California. Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers LIVE STREAM: How to watch online without cable


The Lakers and Suns continue to be put to the test to open the 2023-24 NBA season.

Two of the heavyweights in the Western Conference have not had the fortune of easing themselves into the new season, facing off against a couple of title contenders to start the year.

The Lakers opened their season with a loss on the road against the defending champion Nuggets. Los Angeles still had no answer for Nikola Jokic, who cruised his way to a 29-point triple-double while Anthony Davis was held scoreless in the second half.

The Suns started the season shorthanded against the Warriors, as star guard Bradley Beal was out due to a back injury. Phoenix still picked up a tough road win behind Devin Booker's 32 points and eight assists, and Beal has a chance to make his return for Thursday's contest against the Lakers.

Here is what you need to know:

What: NBA regular season game

Who: Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers

When: Thursday, October 26, 2023

Where: Arena

Time: 10 p.m. ET


Damian Lillard went to Milwaukee, Bradley Beal went to Phoenix, Jrue Holiday ended up in Boston and Chris Paul ended up with Golden State. Victor Wembanyama arrived in San Antonio, Nick Nurse took over in Philadelphia and LeBron James is now the oldest player in the league.

As always, the NBA is opening a new season with new looks.

The Denver Nuggets are hoping this season doesn’t end with another new champion.

The NBA’s 78th season starts Tuesday, with a ring ceremony in Denver — the traditional celebration of the reigning champions — highlighting the opening-night celebration. The Nuggets beat Miami last June to become the league’s fifth different champion in the last five years, a run of parity the likes of which the league hasn’t seen in more than 40 years.

“We’ve gone from being a team that’s hunting the teams in front of us to now we’re going to be the hunted,” Denver coach Michael Malone said. “And hopefully our guys understand the responsibility that comes with being a defending champion. There can be no off nights, because we’re getting everybody’s best 82 times this year.”

The last five winners: Toronto, the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee, Golden State and Denver. The last time there was a five-season stretch with no duplicate champion was 1977 through 1981, and it was a very different NBA back then.

For context on what the league was like in those five years: Seattle had a team, Washington was the Bullets, the 3-point line didn’t exist when that run started, the league had 22 or 23 teams instead of its current 30, the Nets played in New Jersey, the Jazz were wrapping up their New Orleans run, the Kings played in Kansas City, the Clippers played in San Diego and four players were the top earners at exactly $1 million a year each.

During this regular season, the NBA has at least 56 players who’ll make $1 million a week.

“There’s still the elite teams: Denver, Milwaukee, Boston,” Charlotte coach Steve Clifford said. “But there’s a lot of really, really good teams that if they evolve the right way, they can get there too.”

The offseason included several major transactions. Lillard’s quest to get traded to Miami wound up with him getting traded to Milwaukee and instantly forming a championship-caliber duo with Giannis Antetokounmpo. Beal got traded to the Suns, forming the newest Big 3 alongside Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. The Lillard and Beal moves led to others - Holiday eventually joining Boston, Paul eventually joining Golden State.

The Lakers and Suns meet up in a huge game Thursday for both sides. Los Angeles comes in 0-1 after losing to the Nuggets on opening night. Phoenix comes in at 1-0 after beating the Warriors. While the Lakers made it to the West Finals last season, the Suns are looking to get there with their new-look roster.

The bling and the banner were nice. What the Denver Nuggets really relished, though, was opening defense of the franchise’s first NBA title with a 119-107 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night.


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